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What This Genius Mom Does To Clean Her Dogs Teeth Without Brushing Is Amazing

BREAKING NEWS: Dental Disease Is Now The #1 Leading Cause Of Death In Canines - (4 min read)

The first symptoms of gum disease is bad breath...

When Sara Henderson´s 4 year old Labrador, Cupid, started developing really bad breath, she didn't think much of it at first.

Over time, the plaque buildup on Cupid's teeth turned into tartar, and finally, turned to the gum disease gingivitis, causing a massive wound in Cupid's gums.

A few weeks later, when Cupid's toothache got so bad he couldn't sleep and was howling all night, she knew something was really wrong.

“All through the day he would howl and rub his face on the carpet, trying to make the pain go away,” Mrs Henderson reported. “Then he became very weak and short of breath, eventually he couldn't even walk up the stairs.”

Sara couldn't stand seeing him in constant agony every single day…
What happened next ended up costing Sara over $4000 in vet bills and she almost lost Cupid forever.

The bacteria had spread from Cupid´s gums, leaked into his bloodstream and moved into his heart where it started multiplying rapidly, causing sepsis and early stages of heart disease. Cupid was days away from death.

What happened to Cupid is not uncommon. According to the AAHA, 83% of dogs suffer from the gum disease gingivitis.

This is THE most serious issue affecting our dogs. 

In fact, it's the number one reason for early canine death.

Expert vets across the country are now urging dog owners to take preventative measures against dental issues before it spreads to the organs and becomes too late to treat. 

Dental issues need to be dealt with early on and fast. Prevention is key. 


A dog with good oral health has been shown to live 5-10 (human) years longer. That means more years and special memories together.

So What Can You Do?

So you might be asking what you need to do to protect your dog's oral health and make sure they avoid gum disease and cavities well into old age?

Unfortunately, daily brushing is very inconvenient and time consuming. Most dogs dislike their teeth being brushed and run a mile when they see the toothbrush come out.

The good news is, now there is a simple & effective solution to optimize your dog's oral health.

And best of all, NO BRUSHING REQUIRED!

USA-owned and operated, Plenti Pets™ are the market leaders in science backed canine oral health formulas.

They have just released a range of 3 revolutionary new oral care formulas all designed to synergistically work together for optimal canine oral health.

They work so well in fact that expert veterinarians are calling this “the best solution available today to prevent bad breath and gum disease.”

Plenti Pets have packaged their vet-approved dental formulas along with surprise toys and other goodies, into a convenient monthly box they call the “Smile Surprise Box.” Delivered to your door!

A Simple & Fun Solution To Optimize Your Dog's Oral Health. Delivered Monthly.

What's In the Box?


  • Surprise Chew Toy & Goodies: Safe & natural BPA free chew toy. A new surprise toy and goodies each month. ($15 Value)
  • Online Dog Health Summit Access: Free access to watch an online panel of expert veterinarians share their best advice on how to raise the happiest and healthiest dog on the block.  ($49)
  • Together, these products form the ultimate 1-2-3 punch combo, to target bad breath causing bacteria, reverse gum disease, and strengthen bones, gums and teeth.

Total Value = $169 a month

Your Price = $59 month ($2 a day)

Plenti Pets will ship your “Smile Surprise Box" to your door every month for as low as $2 a day.

Improve Your Dog's Bad Breath and Eliminate Gum Disease with This "Smile Surprise Box"

In 2019, Americans spent $19.1 billion on vets bills, up 30% from 2011. 

With the cost of everything rising today, especially vet & medical bills, prevention is becoming more important than ever. 

And that starts in the mouth.

Ignoring it may end up costing you far more in the long run.

A simple vet visit can cost anywhere between $200 to upwards of $6000+.

We must mention again that prevention is key! Don't be like Sara and let your pup´s dental health get so bad that your precious pooch ends up in the vet, or worse!

A healthy mouth makes for a happy, healthy dog. Now, it's never been so easy to manage bad breath and gum disease.

Plenti Pets unique “Surprise Smile Dental Box” has been so popular and effective that their entire stock sold out within the first hour of being on sale.

They have been working night and day to try & keep up with the demand since their initial release!


It's never been so easy to manage bad breath and gum disease. A healthy mouth makes for a happy, healthy dog.

Costing just $2 a day, Brunos's owner Brenda told us "I'm just so happy to have Bruno back, his teeth are clean without me having to brush them, and his breath doesn't stink anymore"...

So If you're a dog parent, and you don't like the hassle of brushing their teeth, then you should give the “Surprise Smile Dental Box” - a try - it could be life changing for both of you.

The treats are clinically proven to all work together to freshen breath and fight plaque and tartar, they are the best solution available today to prevent bad breath and gum disease.

Plus, each month they will surprise your pooch with a brand new toy and goodies to keep her entertained all month long.


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Improve Your Dog's Bad Breath and Eliminate Gum Disease with Our "Smile Surprise Box"