When Sara Henderson´s 4 year old Labrador, Cupid, started developing really bad breath, she didn't think much of it at first.

Over time, the plaque buildup on Cupid's teeth turned into tartar, and finally, turned to the gum disease gingivitis, causing a massive wound in Cupid's gums.

A few weeks later, when Cupid's toothache got so bad he couldn't sleep and was howling all night, she knew something was really wrong.

“All through the day he would howl and rub his face on the carpet, trying to make the pain go away,” Mrs Henderson reported. “Then he became very weak and short of breath, eventually he couldn't even walk up the stairs.”

Sara couldn't stand seeing him in constant agony every single day…

What happened next ended up costing Sara over $4000 in vet bills and she almost lost Cupid forever.

The bacteria had spread from Cupid´s gums, leaked into his bloodstream and moved into his heart where it started multiplying rapidly, causing sepsis and early stages of heart disease.

He needed a major operation and was days away from death.

What happened to Cupid is not uncommon. According to the AAHA, 83% of dogs suffer from the gum disease gingivitis.

This is THE most serious issue affecting our dogs.

In fact, it's the number one reason for early canine death.

Expert vets across the country are now urging dog owners to take preventative measures against oral disease before it spreads to the organs and becomes too late to treat.

Dental issues need to be dealt with early on and fast. Prevention is key.

Like Bertha, the dog Mom from Kentucky, who discovered the most effective genius hack to erase her dog Thor's bad breath, and give him a new smile and lease on life was to feed thor some dental chews after his nightly meal.

A dog with good oral health has been shown to live 5-10 (human) years longer. That means more years and special memories together.

So you might be asking what you need to do to protect your dog's oral health, and make sure they remain pain-free and nimble well into old age?

Unfortunately, daily brushing is very inconvenient and time-consuming, and most dogs dislike their teeth being brushed and run a mile when they see the toothbrush come out.

The good news is, there is now a better way to take control of your pup's dental health daily without the inconvenience of brushing.

USA-owned and operated, Plenti Pets™ are the industry leaders in vet-formulated canine dental health products.

They have just released revolutionary new dental chews, used by vets all over the country to take control of canine dental health.

Plenti Pets daily dental grinder chews are very easy to use and designed to be a treat that every dog loves.

Simply give your dog a tasty dental grinder chew after dinner and while he or she munches away on the chew, the plaque and tartar build-up gets dislodged as the teeth rub against the hard surface of the chew.

Uniquely flavored, the chews are specially formulated with calcium for bone and teeth strength.


  • Easy & Convenient Tooth Cleaning - Removes the need for Brushing
  • Delicious Taste All Dogs Love & Consider A Treat
  • Targets Plaque & Reduces Tartar Build Up
  • Freshens Breath with Natural Ingredients
  • Strengthens and Cleans Teeth & Gums

If You're Looking To Improve Your Dog's Bad Breath and Eliminate Gum Disease with Our Break-Through Dental Chews

In 2019, Americans spent $19.1 billion on vets bills, up 30% from 2011. 

With the cost of everything rising today, especially vet & medical bills, prevention is becoming more important than ever. 

And that starts in the mouth.

Ignoring it may end up costing you far more in the long run.

A simple vet visit can cost anywhere between $200 to upwards of $6000+.

We must mention again that prevention is key! Don't be like Sara and let it get so bad that your precious pooch ends up in the vet, or worse!

Plenti Pets' unique plaque-off dental chews has been so popular and effective that their entire stock sold out within the first hour of being on sale.

They have been working night and day to try & keep up with the demand since their initial release!

Reports are American dog owners are stockpiling them to cut down on the amount of vet visits during the pandemic.

It's obviously far more convenient and cost-effective than going to the vet during a pandemic.

Costing just 0.80 cents a day to start, Brunos' owner Brenda told us..

"I'm just so happy to have Bruno back, his teeth are clean without me having to brush them, and his breath doesn't stink anymore"...

So If you're a dog parent, and you don't like the hassle of brushing their teeth, then you should give this doggy dental formula a try - it could be life-changing for both of you.

If You're Looking To Improve Your Dog's Bad Breath and Eliminate Gum Disease with Our Break-Through Dental Chews

Plenti Pets want to give all dog owners the chance to be able to try their revolutionary new products.

They are offering readers of this blog only a limited time, a 25% off discount for first time buyers which you can try below.

Plenti pets are also offering a 30-day money-back guarantee, so right now you can give the Dental Formula a try 100% risk-free. There's nothing to lose and a whole lot of health to gain!

Plenti Pets™ informs us, they operate on a first-in first-served basis, and they cannot guarantee how long stock will be available for due to the huge public demand.

Pet parents are being urged to grab the dental formula 10-15% off now while there is still stock available.

Plus, it could potentially save you thousands in future veterinary bills!

"Excellent product. Our dogs breath is no longer unbearable. Absolutely love this product."

- Joyce O. Verified Buyer

The Plenti Pets™ Promise

ONLY science driven, high-quality, naturally made, premium ingredients, that are healthy and proven to be beneficial for pets. No junk, no toxic ingredients and no filler EVER!

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  • Improves Gums and Eliminates Bad Breath
  • Reduces Plaque & Tartar Build Up
  • Healthier & Whiter Teeth
  • Easing of Discomfort 


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