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Moms Genius Method To Heal Her Pups Allergies

Pup struggling with itch and rashes? Then you must read this - (4 min read)

"It started with a small rash under his hind legs, then we noticed he was scratching and licking his paws more than usual. We didn't think much of it at first, to be honest."

When Maria´s 4 year old pup, Cane, started developing a small rash, she wasn't too concerned initially, however, over time the rash continued to get worse.

A few days later, when Canes' itch got so bad he couldn't sleep and was scratching all night, Maria knew something was really wrong.

"All through the day he would lick his rash, and scratch constantly. I felt powerless, I wanted to help him soo badly, but there was nothing I could do, I couldn't stand seeing him in constant agony every single day… It was heartbreaking."

Eventually, it got so bad that Maria had to put a cone on Canes head to protect him from his own uncontrollable scratching & licking his itchy spots.

The cone helped to stop Cane from licking his wounds, but it did nothing at all to soothe the itching the allergies were causing.

What happened to Cane is not uncommon. In fact, allergies are the most commonly diagnosed issue in veterinary medicine today.

If you have a dog that suffers from itching, rashes and allergies, read on, as this article is full of good advice that could be life changing for your pet.

You may be asking: What can I do to fight my dog's allergies this season? 

The good news is, now there is a simple & effective solution to heal your dog's allergies and optimize his or her immune health.

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USA-owned and operated, Plenti Pets™ are the market leaders in science backed canine health formulas.

They have just released a range of 3 revolutionary new immune and gut care formulas all designed to work together synergistically to reduce canine allergies, rashes, itching and shedding.

They work so well in fact that expert veterinarians are calling this “the best solution available today to prevent allergies, and heal rashes.”

Plenti Pets have made it easy for customers by packaging their vet-formulated immune boosting formulas into a convenient box, along with surprise toys and other goodies, they call the “No More Itch Box.” 

A simple & fun solution to take control of your dog's allergies, itching and shedding, once and for all.

What's In the Box?

  • Plenti Pets Itch & Allergy Relief Chews: Featuring a powerful blend of proven anti-allergy ingredients, the allergy relief chews have been proven to alleviate up to 99% of dog allergies, including…

    - Seasonal & skin allergies
    - Environmental allergies
    - Food allergies
    - Shedding and more

  • Plenti Pets Premium Plus Probiotic Chews: Restores good bacteria, controls yeast overgrowth and reduces inflammation. Targets the bad bacteria that cause itching and shedding. Proprietary microencapsulation formula ensures 99% of good beneficial bacteria make it past the stomach acid into the small intestines where it is needed. 
  • Plenti Pets Antibacterial+ Antiseptic Wipes: Powerful antifungal & antimicrobial wipes, using a blend of powerful natural ingredients proven to alleviate 99% of fungal issues in dogs, while nourishing areas of dry skin that can lead to rash.


  • Surprise Chew Toy & Goodies: Safe & natural BPA free chew toy. A new surprise toy and goodies each month. ($15 Value)
  • Online Dog Health Summit Access: Free access to watch an online panel of expert veterinarians share their best advice on how to raise the happiest and healthiest dog on the block.  ($49)
  • Together, these products form the ultimate 1-2-3 punch combo, to target bad breath causing bacteria, reverse gum disease, and strengthen bones, gums and teeth.

Total Value = $199 a month

Your Price = $59 month ($2 a day)

Plenti Pets will ship your “No More Itch Box" to your door every month for as low as $2 a day.

Take Control Of Your Pooch's Itch & Allergy Troubles Once & For All.

In 2019, Americans spent $19.1 billion on vets bills, up 30% from 2011. 

With the cost of everything rising today, especially vet & medical bills, prevention is becoming more important than ever. 

And that starts in the mouth.

Ignoring it may end up costing you far more in the long run.

A simple vet visit can cost anywhere between $200 to upwards of $6000+.

We must mention again that prevention is key! Don't be like Maria and let your pup´s allergies get so bad that your precious pooch ends up in the vet, or worse!

A healthy gut and immune system makes for a happy, healthy dog. Now, it's never been so easy to manage allergies and shedding.

Plenti Pets unique “No More Itch Box” has been so popular and effective that their entire stock sold out within the first day of being on sale!

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Thor's owner Melinda told us "I'm just so happy to see Thor isn't itching and scratching all night anymore, it used to keep me awake at night, now we can both get a good night's sleep"...
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