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Winter is coming! Prepare Your Dog For Comfort This Cold Season!

Winter is coming and now is the time to make sure you're ready to give your dog a comfortable one. This is when preventative measures can save you a lot of problems, and unnecessary expenses.

Many people with arthritis say they experience much worse symptoms in winter. While there is no solid evidence as to why researchers believe that it's because of the lower temperature that causes a drop in air pressure that then causes the pain.

And our dogs are no different. Studies show that nearly 20% of all dogs older than one year and 80% older than seven years suffer from the stiff, achy joints of arthritis. As dogs age, the cartilage, and fluids protecting their bones break down, leading to irritation, inflammation, and pain.

Symptoms and Types

Some of the common symptoms for joint and hip problems in dogs of all ages include:

  • Stiffness and limping on first awakening; later walking improves
  • Difficulty rising or difficulty staying on a low surface (couch, bed, car seat)
  • Reluctance to climb stairs or into crates
  • Decreased activity level in general or reluctance to go out for walks
  • Crouching instead of standing upright when urinating, defecating, or defecating (could indicate spondylosis)
  • Changes in eating habits such as decreased appetite, food selection, and/or frequency of feedings (may be an early sign of illness)
  • Hunched posture during play and exercise (dog looks "old"); reluctance to jump or run
  • Colic-like pain when touched on the ribcage (could indicate osteoarthritis)
  • Painful skin conditions around hips and/or armpits (may be a secondary symptom of hip dysplasia)
  • Dogs with severe arthritis may not stand or walk at all; they simply lie down and wait for help

According to experts, the goal is not to keep your dog active, but more important is to make them comfortable. You can do this by: 

  • Providing support to joints during activity
  • Keeping weight off painful joints
  • Stretching out stiff muscles prior to exercise (vigorous massage)

Some of the above is a natural part of growing and aging, but they shouldn’t be ignored.

Leading veterinarians all across the country are calling for hip and joint supplements to be an essential part of every dog's day even before they are well into their senior years.

"By using supplements with Chondroitin and Glucosamine, we can start to prevent many of the painful conditions dog's experience, like arthritis," says animal rehabilitation specialist Dr. Debra Canapp.

"Prevention early on in life is always better than trying to reduce the pain later".

Essential Key Ingredients To Include In Your Dog's Diet

Glucosamine HCI: 

A naturally-occurring ingredient found in joint tissue and synovial fluid that helps with the production of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), essential for joint lubrication and nutrient transport.


Known as the “Building Block” for joint cartilage and bone. It helps support and protect the normal “shock-absorbing” properties and elasticity of joint cartilage and connective tissue.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane): 

MSM is a natural source of biological sulfur that helps support healthy cellular function and provides antioxidant benefits.

That's why we sent our researchers into the lab... create a hip and joint care supplement that has all of these essential ingredients (and more) and to turn them into a tasty chew that dogs would love.

Because if they aren't excited about it each day then it becomes a hassle and eventually you'll lose faith. That's why liquid joint care supplements don't work because dogs don't enjoy them.
Our Plenti Pets Maxx Strength Hip & Joint Care Chews are the perfect combination of tasty ingredients and an effective remedy contained in a delicious treat that your dog will love!

They contain higher percentages of each essential ingredient than most other chews on the market and we don't use unnecessary fillers like corn or soy. Our Maxx Strength Hip & Joint Care Chews are loaded with essential nutrients your dog needs to stay healthy this winter.

We want you and your dog to be protected from discomfort this winter and have them feeling young again.

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