The "Smile Surprise Box" Is A Real Treat.

A Simple & Fun Solution To Optimize Your Dog's Oral Health. Delivered Monthly.

Say Goodbye to Bad Doggie Breath Forever!

We'll ship your “Smile Surprise Box" to your door every month for as low as $2 a day. It's never been so easy to manage bad breath and gum disease. A clean mouth makes for a happy, healthy dog.

What's in the box?

  • 1 month supply of Plaque-Off Grinders ($38 Value)
  • 1 month supply Advanced+ Dental Formula water additive ($30 Value)
  • 1 month supply of 10-in-1 Multivitamin+ Chews ($30 value)
  • New & Different Dental Dog Toy each month ($15 Value)
  • Dog Health Solutions Summit Premium Pass Access ($99 Value)

Total Value = $199 a month

Your Price = $59 month  ($2 a day) 

Each month your pup will receive 3 Proven Vet Approved Products That Remove Bad Breath, Tartar & Plaque without Brushing, a surprise chew toy, and a premium pass to our pet health summit.  

Plaque-off grinders

Feed your pooch one grinder chew a day to remove hard to reach plaque and tartar. This eliminates the need for brushing.

Contains a powerhouse group of natural ingredients that work together to reduce bad breath by 63%, and reduce plaque by up to 35% within 4 weeks. Penetrates the root cause of gum disease not simply masking the symptoms.

  • Targets the cause of bad breath
  • A comprehensive blend of bacteria busting ingredients
  • Backed by science
  • Proven plaque remover - no brushing required
  • 100% naturally derived ingredients

Advanced+ dental formula

Add a few drops to their water bowl daily to destroy bad breath causing bacteria on contact.

Packed full of ingredients proven to destroy bad bacteria in the mouth and gums directly, and eliminate target plaque and tartar, leaving your dog’s breath fresh, and teeth and gums in excellent condition!

  • Assists in removing the root cause of gum disease
  • Targets the source of bad breath, not simply masking the symptoms
  • Veterinarian formulated and approved
  • May help reduce the risk of oral disease
  • Proven plaque, tartar and harmful bacteria remover

10-in-1 multivitamin chews

One multivitamin chew a day keeps the vet away. Packed with vitamins and calcium for healthy gums, teeth and bones. Helps support a strong immune system and fills the nutritional void of commercial pet food.

Features a comprehensive blend of vet approved nutritionally balanced vitamins, minerals and antioxidants designed specifically for dogs daily nutrient requirements.
Contains 100% of dogs' daily vitamin requirements in a great tasting soft chew all dogs love.

  • Reduces inflammation & increases energy levels
  • Specifically designed for maximum absorption directly in the cell walls
  • Packed with calcium for strong bones, gums & teeth
  • Preventative care in all areas
  • Immune boosting ingredients to build your dog's natural defense systems
  • Provides daily essential vitamins and minerals

Plus these 2 bonuses...

Surprise Chew Toy & Goodies

Safe & natural BPA free chew toy. A new surprise toy and goodies each month.

Online Dog Health Solutions Summit Access

Free access to watch an online panel of expert veterinarians share their best advice on how to raise the happiest and healthiest dog on the block. 

Total Value = $199 a month
Your Price = $59 month ($2 a day)

We'll ship your “Smile Surprise Box" to your door every month for as low as $2 a day.


The Problem: Bad Breath Could Be A Sign Of Something Much Worse

80% of dogs have gum disease by age 3. Bad breath is an early warning sign. It’s preventable, but only 2% of dog parents succeed at daily dental care — until now.

The Solution: Treats With A Twist

Give your pooch the gift of good oral health with our 3 delicious all natural vet approved dental treats in our monthly surprise smile box. The treats are clinically proven to all work together to freshen breath and fight plaque and tartar. For the brightest smile on the block.


Easy as...


Morning Water

Simply add 1-2 teaspoons to your dogs fresh water bowl each morning and as she drinks it'll begin working.



Lunch Treat

Feed your dog a tasty Multivitamin treat during the day to help build up complete immune, bone and gum health.



Evening Grinder

Give your dog an evening Plaque-Off Grinder that will get to work loosening and removing the build up of harmful plaque and tartar on the teeth.


Toy Play Time

There's nothing dogs love to do more than chew a brand new toy. Our monthly toys assist with the removal of tartar and plaque on the teeth as they chew.

Bonus Access To Pet Summits "Dog Health Solutions Summit" Premium Pass ($99 Value)

We've negotiated with our friends at Pet Summits to give you unlimited online access to a panel of expert veterinarians share their best advice on how to raise the happiest and healthiest dog on the block. 

  • Unlimited Access to the Dog Health Solutions Summit Recordings featuring speakers like Dr. Ian Dunbar, Dr. Andrew Jones, Dr. Katie Woodley and many more
  • Dog Health Solutions Summit MP3’s to listen to at your own convenience from your phone or MP3 player
  • "Ask A Vet" Credit. Get your biggest burning question answered on video by one of our qualified vets
  • Dog Health Solutions Summit PDF Cliffnotes for easy access to the most important key takeaways from every lesson
  • Exclusive Members Only Live Interviews With World-renowned Vets & Pet Industry Experts

What Everyone Is Saying

I've been using this for 2 months now and am seeing the difference. They said 2-3 months is optimal and I will keep using after as well for maintenance. Very happy. Thank you

Kristen P.  Verified Buyer

I never knew that this type of product even existed. I wasn’t sure if it would work when I saw the ad. But I tried it anyway and so far I am happy with our results.

Kim R. Verified Buyer

My dog usually doesn’t like change but he hasn’t seemed to notice the dental formula in his water at all. I have noticed how different his breath is and when I brushed his teeth for the first time since using it they were cleaner than I’ve ever seen them. 

Larissa B. Verified Buyer

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