Every owner knows the feeling. To see your dog scratch relentlessly and feel like there is nothing you can do about it...

What you may not realize is almost all skin issues and allergies are the effects of an unhealthy digestive system: caused by harmful bacteria and yeast.

If this ‘harmful bacteria’ is not treated, it will wreak havoc on your dog’s immune system. 

Several studies have shown a dog's healthy stomach bacteria is directly linked to their overall health and wellbeing.

Just like in humans, good canine health starts with a healthy gut. 

Imbalanced gut bacteria caused by medication, stress, poor diet and bad bacteria is now affecting countless dogs across America

Insufficient amounts of good bacteria in the microbiome leaves pathogenic bad bacteria to roam free unchallenged. They then spread and wreak havoc through the dog's body, leading to inflammation, allergies and poor health.

Without good stomach bacteria, dogs are unable to digest food properly, causing bloating, diarrhea and overgrowth of yeast.

As more than 80% of neurotransmitters such as serotonin are made in the gut, this can affect the dogs wellbeing and may cause anxiety, ocd, and stressed behaviors.

Severe Itching is a symptom of inflammation caused by allergies

Poor gut health can also cause obesity, diabetes, allergies, itching
and bad breath.

Sometimes symptoms won't always be noticeable, but it's essential you act now by adding more beneficial bacteria to your dog's diet asap.

The solution?

Our recommendation is 1 "superfood" food that you can add to your pooch's diet today that is perfect for this. It's called canine probiotics.

Adding a daily probiotic to your dog's diet will help reduce inflammation and restore a healthy gut microbiome.

Thousands of dog owners are already using this genius prevention hack to cut down on the amount of vets visits during the pandemic. 

If You're Looking To Improve Your dogs gut and digestive health check out our Probiotic Chews

USA owned and operated, Plenti Pets™, specialise in making healthy supplements for dogs to replace the nutrients dogs don't get from modern pet food diets.

Plenti Pets™ has just released a canine probiotic chew designed by vets and especially formulated to help dogs heal the inflammation and gut issues discussed above.

How do Plenti Pets Advanced Probiotic+ Chews Work?

A probiotic contains "good" bacteria that helps restore and maintain a positive balance of good bacteria in the gut…

Loaded with billions of these "good" bacteria. Probiotic supplements deliver these good bacteria directly into your dog’s gut, where they begin to multiply and restore gut balance.

However, there is something you should know. Not all canine probiotics were created equal.

Most commercial dog probiotics were not designed by vets, not made especially for canines, and are missing the correct strains of good bacteria dogs specifically need.

Even worse, most probiotics die in the stomach acid before they even get to the small intestines where they can be effective and spread.

Others don't have enough cfus (colony forming units) to make them effective.

So it's important you choose the correct probiotic to give to your dog, or you won't see any benefits. 

If You're Looking To Improve Your dogs gut and digestive health check out our Probiotic Chews

Why Plenti Pets Probiotic Chews Are Different

Plenti Pets™ revolutionary microencapsulation process protects the good bacteria from the dog's stomach acid, allowing for deeper penetration into the small intestines where they belong. 

Their slow release, proprietary process promotes greater health benefits and effectiveness over other probiotics on the market. 

And the effects on countless dogs has been nothing short of incredible.

With the cost of everything rising today, especially vet & medical bills, prevention is becoming more important. 

Ignoring it may end up costing you far more in the long run. 

Plenti Pets™ are offering readers of this blog only a limited time, 10-15% off discount for first time buyers which you can try below

With a healthier gut microbiome, your dog will be able to live a healthier, happier life and pain free life.

Some things to expect...

  • Reduced inflammation and increased energy levels
  • Fix hot spots, rashes, allergies, and even bad breath caused by a weak immune system and poor digestion
  • Replenish low levels of intestinal microflora (caused by antibiotics and stress) back to optimal levels
  • Support healthy digestion, better stool quality, and provide immune system support
  • Promote a strong & healthy GI tract, to help dogs with constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, and stomach discomfort
  • Reduce occasional gas and flatulence by replenishing naturally occurring microorganisms 

"First time i've tried a probiotic for my dog. Wasn’t sure if they'd work. After a couple days my dog was looking and feeling a lot better. Loose stools all cleared up. I Definitely rate this product"

- Karen W. Verified Buyer

The Plenti Pets™ Promise

ONLY science driven, high-quality, naturally made, premium ingredients, that are healthy and proven to be beneficial for pets. No junk, no toxic ingredients and no filler EVER!

Checkout The Reviews From Verified Customers

  • Reduced inflammation and ease of movement
  • Promote a strong & healthy GI tract
  • Reduce occasional gas and flatulence 
  • Fix hot spots, rashes, allergies, and even bad breath caused by a weak immune system and poor digestion


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