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Importance of antibacterial care for your dog

Bacterial infections in pets are often the result of excessive rubbing, chewing, and itching. Symptoms include lesions that become red and irritated before turning into bumps or full-blown boils.

Traumatic skin injuries caused by scratching can lead to bacterial infection for your pet - this is especially dangerous if they have any kind of open wounds like a cut from an accident or something sharp on their paws (like glass).

The best kind of care you can give your pet during these times is to clean the affected area carefully. If they have any open wounds, or it still looks infected despite their treatment, then an antibacterial wipe should be used on the problem area(s).

When a dog's skin is cut or wounded, there is an increased risk of infection. Pyoderma refers to an infection of the skin and can be bacterial, fungal or parasitic (mites) in. nature. All pet owners should be aware of pyoderma in dogs because many cases can be prevented with proper hygiene and care.

Symptoms and Types

Infections can occur on any part of the dog's body, but particularly on its extremities— the thighs, trunk, and tail.

  • Itching
  • Reddened skin
  • Skin flaking
  • Dry, scaly skin.
  • Swelling of lymph nodes near the area of infection.
  • Redness of the ears is also common

There are two types of pyoderma in dogs: superficial and deep. Superficial pyoderma affects only the top layers of a dog's skin whereas deep pyoderma invades deeply into the dermis, or second layer, as well as into subcutaneous layers underneath it.

Superficial pyodermas appear redder in color than deep infections and usually occur on areas that protrude onto the outside of a dog's body such as the face (especially around the eyes) or near their tail area.

Causes of Pyoderma in Dogs

Bacterial infections are the most common cause of superficial pyoderma in dogs. The bacteria Staphylococcus intermedius is the main culprit, but other types commonly occur as well – including Streptococcus canis and Corynebacterium renale. Superficial pyodermas typically appear within three days after an injury occurred, particularly if it involves a cut or puncture. Infections may also arise from a bite wound or fungal infection.

Wounds that are not bathed and kept clean will inevitably become affected by bacteria within 24 hours of their occurrence. Keeping wounds covered until they heal tends to help prevent bacterial infections from occurring – this includes keeping bandages on areas where stitches were taken out, for.

How To Diagnose

Often, the condition can be diagnosed by appearance alone. Your veterinarian will likely prescribe antibiotics or recommend a shampoo to clear up the infection.

If your dog's skin has become infected as a result of its incessant scratching, your veterinarian may suggest that you bathe it regularly in an antibacterial soap—be sure not to use these soaps on any other areas of your pet's body because they can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions in some dogs.

But the best option is always prevention. Here's how...

For most pets, the best way to prevent pyoderma is through good hygiene.

One of the most important aspects of keeping your pet clean and healthy is their grooming habits and skincare routine. It's essential that you take some time each day to give them a bath, brush out their fur, as well as use a deodorizing shampoo or wipe down any foul-smelling areas with an antibacterial cleansing solution.

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