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Kill 99% Of Bacteria Effectively With These Breakthrough Antibacterial Wipes For Pets

Antibacterial wipes for pets are the fastest growing product in America this month. While you may still be wondering if your dog is getting enough attention, take a step back and think about how important it is to keep them clean!

Do you love your dog like family? Then why not provide the same amount of cleanliness that they deserve.

As pet parents, we love our furry friends and want to do everything we can for them. We bathe them regularly, groom their fur, brush their teeth, give each a walk every day….the list goes on.

But let's be real, we know that we don't do those things nearly as often as we would like. That's why Antibacterial+ Antiseptic Wipes are the perfect addition to your daily pet care routine.

  • grooming

  • paw cleaning

  • ear wax control

  • yeast infections

  • fungal infections

  • tear stain removal

  • bacterial infections

  • plaque and tartar control

  • flea & tick removal

  • fresh breath

  • face wash

  • eye and paw bath

As pet parents ourselves, we understand that the last thing you want is to worry about your pet getting sick because they haven't been taken care of properly.

We have all been guilty of forgetting a weekly bath or brushing our dog's teeth. The truth is that life gets in the way and it can be difficult to take time out of your schedule for them.

Antibacterial+ Antiseptic Wipes help bridge this gap between what you think your pet deserves and what they are actually getting.

They also offer a huge benefit during times when you may (or may not) remember your pet's routine care. 

As mentioned above, cleaning wipes come into play during flea season to keep them clean while outdoors playing in grasses or leaves.

They are also great for inside use!

Simply wipe over their ears and mouth when they aren't feeling well or if they have begun drooling excessively.

You can even give them an 'eye bath' by using some wipes on their eyes and face to remove all of that dirty grime!

Antibacterial+ Antiseptic Wipes come in a convenient, compact package that is easy to store anywhere - from under your sink to your car console. 

Did we mention they smell great - with a soft cucumber scent.

Pet parents who want to provide more for their furry friends will find ease in finding time to care for them thanks to Antibacterial+ Antiseptic Wipes.

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