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How To Use Antibacterial Dog Wipes In 3 Simple Steps

Step 1.

Thoroughly wipe affected area with a pad 1 to 3 times per day, or as directed by your veterinarian. Our Antibacterial+ Antiseptic Wipes can be used for the cleansing of face folds, finger folds, as well as underarm and groin areas, so your furry friend can get back to living their best life.

Step 2.

Do not allow the animal to lick the treated areas until dry to prevent ingestion. Wipes should be used for one application only; do not reuse.

Step 3.

Avoid use on open wounds, cuts, or raw areas. Use as often as you need or as recommended by your veterinarian.


We've developed a powerful anti-fungal & antimicrobial wipes, using a synergistic blend of ingredients that have been shown to fight & alleviate 99% of fungal issues in dogs, while nourishing areas of dry skin that can lead to rash. 

How Do They Work?

They're an “easy-to-use” method for treating and cleaning your pets skin infections and irritation. They help to speed up the healing of things like Skin Infections, Superficial Cuts, Abrasions and Insect Bites

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